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Camilla Tutcho 2Camilla is Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę. Her family area is Tł’áado, near Johnny Hoe River. Her main teacher when she was growing up was her grandmother, Ɂehtsı̨́ Dǝlúlǝa, who also raised her dad. She would like to help the SRRB fulfill its mandate in the way her grandparents would have wanted, through deep knowledge of place and history. Camilla served as Chair of District Education Council for two decades (1974-1993). She was Justice Committee member during 1994-2011. Most recently she was a member of the Délı̨nę Ɂekwę́ Committee that developed the ground-breaking Belare Wı́le Gots’ę́ Ɂekwę́ – Caribou for all Time plan.

Camilla has a strong commitment to helping strengthen Dene ts'ı̨lı̨ in our region, with a focus on teaching youth. At the same time, she celebrates the new knowledge that our youth have to bring to environmental governance. She is a teacher of traditional skills including moose hide tanning, dry fish and dry meat making. Her experience as an instructor at Dene Ts'ı̨lı̨ School made her realize that there is a lot of work to be done to support youth in feeling safe, healthy and at home on the land. There is a special role for women in doing this work, and she knows that she’s meant to fulfill this role. Camilla was nominated by the SSI and her term was from November 11, 2018 to August 8, 2023.