Past Advisors

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Frederick Andrew 20150731 JLP6403Fredrick Andrew is Shúhtagot’ı̨nę from Tulı́t’a. From the day he was born, he lived on the land with his family where he travelled by dog team in the winter and by foot in the summer from Tulı́t’a to Drum Lake to the Mackenzie Mountains and back. Raised by his Grandmother, Fredrick was taught to speak his language, and live off the land from a young age. Fredrick has served as a board member on the Nááts’ı̨hch’oh National Park Reserve Management Board, the Tulit’a Land Corporation, the Tulit’a Dene Band and the Tulit’a Renewable Resources Council, where he also served as President and Vice President. Recently, Fredrick partnered with Dr. Jean Polfus on community-based genetic caribou research. Together, they have spoken to many different community and university audiences about the importance of ɂelexé ɂeghálats’eda (working together.)

Fredrick is also a father and a grandfather. Fredrick has taught his granddaughter, Maylene, Dene language and on the land skills. Maylene has been going into the Mackenzie Mountains with Fredrick for the summer months since she was 15 years old. Fredrick also taught his son, Blake, trapping, hunting and traditional knowledge skills. Fredrick is proud of his traditional territory and believes it is important to protect Sahtú wildlife and environment and share his traditional knowledge.