Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

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Our relationship with Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę

The Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę also have an important role in wildlife and habitat management.

The land claim requires that the Board work closely with Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę as a source of knowledge for good decisions:

13.9.5 The Board shall consult regularly with Renewable Resources Councils with respect to matters within the Board's jurisdiction.

One of the Board’s top priorities is to deepen its collaboration with Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę in environmental assessment work. Our staff meet with Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę to seek their input on development applications. The board also helps Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę in understanding applications and voicing their concerns. While working in a collaborative spirit, the Board also maintains its independent decision‐making authority.

The Board works directly with the Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę to propose, conduct, and provide feedback on research relating to wildlife and wildlife habitat. Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę members regularly participate in workshops about research in the Sahtú. They also monitor or work alongside scientists doing research.

The Board also aims to help the Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę maintain and strengthen the region's traditional economy. The traditional economy includes sustenance activities such as hunting, trapping, and fishing as well as the production of clothing, crafts, and art. All of these activities are based upon the traditional relationship between people, wildlife, and the land.