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The Advisory Committee for Cooperation on Wildlife Management (ACCWM) was created to share information and coordinate wildlife management between inter-jurisdictional wildlife management boards, with a particular focus on the management of trans-boundary caribou herds. 



The Committee shall, as its members deem appropriate, exchange information, help develop cooperation and consensus and make recommendations regarding wildlife and wildlife habitat issues that cross land claim agreement and treaty boundaries.  As per the MOU, the Committee’s mandate includes the following trans-boundary issues:

  1. The development of a management plan for the Cape Bathurst, Bluenose-West, and Bluenose east caribou herds;
  2. The development of sub-plans for different aggregations of caribou within these herds;
  3. The discussion of total allowable harvests;
  4. The discussion of non-quota limitations on harvesting;
  5. The discussion of measures for the protection of calving and post-calving grounds.

The ACCWM meets, at minimum, once per year (usually in November) to discuss the status of the three caribou herds and coordinate management actions across their ranges. For more information click here.


Taking Care of Caribou Management Plan