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Best of Both Worlds is a two phase project to develop an Action Plan for promoting workforce readiness to support a healthy mixed economy. Phase 1 involved a literature review, workshop, focus group and interviews to learn about the status of the regional mixed economy and develop preliminary recommendations as the basis for the community-based action planning phase. Preliminary terminology research provided insights into Dene concepts related to the mixed economy.

Recommendations in the Phase 1 report will be used to inform community-based pilot projects and action planning in Phase 2, and priority items identified by communities will serve as indicators for evaluating the project. A total of 29 recommendations were made in the areas of program development, education and training, communication and awareness-building, and research. 

Key gaps to be addressed in Phase 2 are: documenting Dene concepts in the traditional economy; better understanding gender issues; drawing key lessons from the experience of the mining industry in the NWT; learning from the Native Employment Training Study from the 1980s (Frances Abele, Gathering Strength 1989); and addressing results of the 2012-14 Sahtú Oil and Gas Exploration Needs Assessment. Key research being conducted for the Tulı́t'a Community Readiness project will also be helpful.

Project Team


Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) and Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)

Project Reports

pdf Best of Both Worlds Volume II - Appendices (759 KB)  

Research Summary

pdf Best of Both Worlds Summary Report (345 KB)