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Micheline Manseau

MichelineManseau2Dr. Micheline Manseau is Wildlife Ecologist with the National Office of Parks Canada and Associate Professor at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba. Her primary research focuses on the development of non-invasive methods for the study and monitoring of wildlife populations, on the development of new analytical methods to identify animal population structure and ecological attributes of critical habitat and movement corridors, and on cross-cultural approaches in the management of wildlife species and protected areas. Dr. Manseau works in different regions of Canada and her projects relate to the impact of environmental changes, land use activities and emerging policies. She closely works with the different levels of government, aboriginal organizations and communities and the private sector. For more information on the activities of her lab and students, ongoing research projects and publications, visit her website Landscape Ecology and Community Knowledge for Conservation at www.lecol-ck.ca.

Cory Fournier

Cory Fournier1

Cory is an Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Student (M.Sc.) at Trent University under the supervision of Micheline Manseau, he is currently based at the National Wildlife Research Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Cory will be participating in the Nı́o Nę P'ęnę́ project - Trails of the Mountain Caribou: Renewing Indigenous Relationships in Conservation (project led by Leon Andrew), contributing his expertise in landscape genetics to help inform caribou population structure and movement in the Mackenzie mountains. Cory strives to use a cross cultural co-production of knowledge approach to help answer questions of importance to the conservation efforts while simultaneously adding to the academic literature in his field.