Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

Past Interns 2014-Present

William Andrew, Nío Nę P’ęnę́ Intern (2020-2021)

William aAndrewWilliam Andrew is Shúhtaot'ı̨nę. He has lived in Tulı́t'a all his life, and has good memories of travels on Begáádǝ (Keele River) - including a trip with well known Shúhtaot'ı̨nę leaders Gabe Etchinelle and Paul Wright in 1997. He also made annual trips with his family to K'áalǫ (Willow Lake) for the spring goose and duck hunt. After about four years working on oil rigs, he became a heavy equipment operator in Norman Wells. He also has experience working at the Tulı́t'a gas bar and Northern store where he rose to the position of Head Cashier. In 2015 he completed the five week Environmental Monitor training program at Aurora College in Fort Smith. He also participated in a Cross-Cultural Research Camp at Sans Sault Rapids that same year. He is committed to supporting strong Dene and Métis stewardship in his family's mountain homeland, and looks forward to introducing his son Leland to the mountains!

Hannah Taneton, Youth & Wellness Coordinator Intern (2019-2020)

hannahtanitonMy name is Hannah Taneton. I am from Délı̨nę, NT and it is located along the shore of Great Bear Lake. What makes Délı̨nę so special for me is the lake; Little Lake because that’s where hockey was born and Great Bear Lake is so special, powerful and also fresh. Our ancestors always told us to take care of our land and water, and now with climate change happening, I would love to learn more about how we can change things.
I am currently working with the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board in Tulı́t'a, as a Youth & Wellness Coordinator intern. I am working with youth, engaging and reaching out to them for better connections with Elders, great opportunities with on the land and traditional programs. Getting youth to know more about our land, water, animals and climate change and build youth leadership.
I am excited to start up our Sahtú Youth Network again, to meet new people in our region and connect with our land, water, animals and Elders. We plan to have a Sahtú program for youth to build their leadership skills in their own community. Having all 5 communities come together and plan what is best for the youth and get them more involved with Elders and learning from them on how to harvest, hunt, trap, fish and attend meetings to know what’s happening around us.

Kyanna Dolphus-Lennie, Nı́o Nę P'ęnę́ Coordinator Intern (2019-2020)

1537290026263Kyanna Lennie-Dolphus started working as an intern for SRRB in April 2018. She was born in Yellowknife and raised inTulı́t'a, she went to Chief Albert Wright School, spent a year working for the Fort Norman Metis Land Corp. as an Intern, Youth Program Coordinator trainee, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. She enjoys working with Youth and Elders in the community of Tulı́t'a and over the Sahtu Region. Kyanna also enjoys being out on the Land and Traveling. She’s working towards becoming a Youth Program Coordinator, and or Counselor. In her capacity as Intern, Kyanna has helped co-authored the NWT Evaluation Conference poster and brochure based on our Dene Ts'ı̨lı̨ School. She is now helping with the Sahtú Youth Network website, working as part of a committee planning for Indigenous youth activities at the North American Caribou Workshop, and along with helping to plan for a Tracking Change Indigenous Knowledge.

Shelby Lennie, Intern (2017-2018)

ShelbyLennieShelby Lennie joined the SRRB in October 2017. Born and raised in Tulı́t'a as part of the local Métis community, she completed a high school diploma at Chief Albert Wright School in 2012. After a number of years living and working at various jobs in Hay River, she returned home in 2016. She spent time on the land during the summer/fall of 2017, including work with a wire cleanup crew on the Canol Road, and two weeks at Dene Ts'ı̨lı̨ School. Her passion lies in seeing her culture thrive. Her immediate goal is to continue learning to speak her language, so that she can be able to understand her ancestors and what it is her people want, to have a better connection to the land and assist in creating a better future for it and the generations to come.

Jordan Lennie, Intern (2017)

Jordan Lennie

Through his internship, Jordan has been responsible for assisting with coordination of a variety of Tulı́t'a-based research projects including the Strong People, Strong Communities gender research results workshop, and the first two Dene Ts'ı̨lı̨ School sessions (Summer and Fall sessions). On International Youth Day 2017, Jordan was recognized by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO as a youth working to build peace through his work with Trails in Tandem, an outdoor education organization.  A Sahtú beneficiary from Tulı́t'a, Jordan graduated from Mackenzie Mountain School in Norman Wells, in 2016. Jordan is interested in youth leadership having a regional impact, and has done a number of radio interviews and public presentations about youth perspectives and visions for the future. He wants to learn more about wildlife management, become more involved in Indigenous issues, and find a career he can aspire toward through these experiences.


Angela Bernarde, Intern (2012 and 2016)

Angela Bernarde is proud K’áalǫ (Willow Lake) Got’ı̨nę. Angela has spent many harvest seasons in her traditional homeland developing on the land skills. Angela was raised in Tulı́t’a, where she graduated from Chief Albert Wright School. In 2016, Angela took time off from nursing school to care for her new son. She is excited to pass on her elders teachings and on the land to her son. Angela enjoys working with the SRRB to support wildlife and Dene t’sı̨lı̨, our way of life on the land. Angela has worked with the SRRB on a variety of projects between 2012 and 2016 and will continue to assist in planning for the Dene T’sı̨lı̨ School in February 2017. She is currently pursuing her passion for heath and wellness working as the victim services officer with the Tulı́t’a Dene Band.

Ceilidh Stubbs, Intern (2016)

C StubbsCeilidh Stubbs is a law student at the University of Victoria. Ceilidh grew up in Whitehorse, where she developed a strong love of the North. She has a background in community-based social sciences and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development from Queen’s University. Ceilidh first began working in the Sahtu in 2014 and 2015 with the Tulit’a Community Readiness Initiative, where she worked alongside community members to plan Tulit’a hidǫ gogha – Tulit’a for its future. Ceilidh has worked with the SRRB on a variety of projects. Currently, she is assisting the SRRB with legal research on consultation, Special Harvesting Areas and the K’asho Got’ine Group Trapping Area under the Land Claim and reviews of the Fisheries Act and Navigation Protection Act.

Kristen Kodakin-Yakeleya, Intern (2014-2015)

kristen yakaleya

Kristen Kodakin-Yakeleya is from Tulı́t’a, where she graduated from Chief Albert Wright School and has spent five years working as a Recreation Assistant. Kristen has great passion for wildlife and the environment, and she recently completed the BEAHR Environmental Monitor Training Program. She is interested in becoming a civil engineer like her father.