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Checklist Of Birds In The Sahtu

BREEDING CODES (BR)Note: This list is abbreviated from the original data

CB - Confirmed Breeding

  • Nest building or adult carrying nest material; code not used for wrens or woodpeckers
  • Distraction display or injury feigning
  • Used nest or egg shells found
  • Recently fledged young or downy young
  • Occupied nest indicated by adult entering or leaving nest site or adult seen incubating
  • Adult seen carrying food or faecal sac of young
  • Nest with eggs
  • Nest with young

PB - Probable Breeding

  • Pair observed in suitable nesting habitat
  • Territory presumed by nesting behaviour at same location on at least twice a week.
  • Courtship behaviour between a male and a female
  • Visiting probable nest site, without other evidence
  • Nest building/excavation of nest hole by Wrens or Woodpeckers

M - Migrant

V - Vagrant or rare (less than 5 observations or only reported before 1989)

Red-throated Loon PB
Pacific Loon CB
Common Loon CB
Yellow-billed Loon M
Pied- billed grebe
Horned Grebe CB
Red-necked Grebe PB
Eared Grebe
Northern Fulmar
Greater Shearwater
American White Pelican V
Double-crested Cormorant
American Bittern V
Tundra Swan M
Trumpeter Swan CB
Greater White-fronted Goose M
Snow Goose M
Ross’ Goose
Canada Goose CB
Green-winged Teal CB
American Black Duck V
Mallard CB
Northern Pintail CB
Blue-winged Teal CB
Northern Shoveler CB
Gadwall PB
American Wigeon CB
Canvasback PB
Redhead M
Ring-necked Duck PB
Greater Scaup CB
Lesser Scaup CB
Common Eider
King Eider
Harlequin Duck CB
Long-tailed Duck M
Black Scoter
Surf Scoter PB
White-winged Scoter PB
Common Goldeneye PB
Barrow's Goldeneye PB
Bufflehead CB
Hooded Merganser
Common Merganser PB
Red-breasted Merganser PB
Ruddy Duck V
Osprey CB
Bald Eagle CB
Golden Eagle CB
Northern Harrier CB
Sharp-shinned Hawk PB
Cooper’s Hawk
Northern Goshawk CB
Swainson's Hawk V
Red-tailed Hawk CB
Rough-legged Hawk M
Broad-winged Hawk
American Kestrel CB
Merlin PB
Peregrine Falcon CB
Gyrfalcon CB
Spruce Grouse CB
Blue Grouse
Willow Ptarmigan CB
Rock Ptarmigan CB
White-tailed Ptarmigan PB
Ruffed Grouse CB
Sharp-tailed Grouse CB
Yellow Rail
Sora CB
American Coot CB
Sandhill Crane CB
Whooping Crane M
Black-bellied Plover M
American Golden Plover CB
Common Ringed Plover
Semipalmated Plover PB
Killdeer CB
American Avocet
Greater Yellowlegs V
Lesser Yellowlegs CB
Solitary Sandpiper CB
Wandering Tattler PB
Spotted Sandpiper CB
Upland Sandpiper CB
Eskimo Curlew (CB 1880s) M
Whimbrel M
Hudsonian Godwit V
Marbled Godwit V
Ruddy Turnstone M
Red Knot
Semipalmated Sandpiper M
Western Sandpiper V
Least Sandpiper M
White-rumped Sandpiper M
Baird's Sandpiper M
Pectoral Sandpiper M
Purple Sandpiper
Stilt Sandpiper M
Buff-breasted Sandpiper M
Short-billed Dowitcher V
Long-billed Dowitcher M
Common Snipe CB
Wilson's Phalarope V
Red-necked Phalarope M
Red Phalarope
Pomarine Jaeger
Parasitic Jaeger CB
Long-tailed Jaeger CB
Franklin's Gull
Little Gull
Bonaparte's Gull PB
Mew Gull CB
Ring-billed Gull V
California Gull V
Herring Gull CB
Thayer's Gull V
Iceland Gull
Glaucous Gull M
Great Black-backed Gull
Black-legged Kittiwake
Ross's Gull
Sabine's Gull
Ivory Gull
Caspian Tern
Common Tern
Arctic Tern PB
Black Tern CB
Thick-billed Murre
Black Guillemot
Atlantic Puffin
Mourning Dove V
Great Horned Owl CB
Snowy Owl M
Northern Hawk Owl PB
Barred Owl
Great Gray Owl PB
Long-eared Owl PB
Short-eared Owl CB
Boreal Owl CB
Common Nighthawk CB
Belted Kingfisher CB
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker PB
Downy Woodpecker PB
Hairy Woodpecker PB
Three-toed Woodpecker CB
Black-backed Woodpecker CB
Northern Flicker CB
Pileated Woodpecker
Olive-sided Flycatcher CB
Western Wood-pewee
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher CB
Alder Flycatcher CB
Least Flycatcher CB
Hammond's Flycatcher
Eastern Phoebe CB
Say's Phoebe CB
Eastern Kingbird CB
Northern Shrike M
Blue-headed Vireo PB
Warbling Vireo CB
Red-eyed Vireo PB
Philadelphia Vireo
Gray Jay CB
Black-billed Magpie CB
American Crow
Common Raven CB
Horned Lark CB
Tree Swallow CB
Violet-green Swallow
Bank Swallow CB
Cliff Swallow CB
Barn Swallow CB
Black-capped Chickadee PB
Gray-headed Chickadee
Boreal Chickadee CB
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Winter Wren
Marsh Wren
American Dipper PB
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet CB
Northern Wheatear V
Mountain Bluebird CB
Townsend's Solitare CB
Gray-cheeked Thrush PB
Swainson's Thrush CB
Hermit Thrush PB
American Robin CB
Varied Thrush CB
Yellow Wagtail
American Pipit PB
Bohemian Waxwing PB
Cedar Waxwing
European Starling (CB 1970s) V
Tennessee Warbler V
Orange-crowned Warbler CB
Yellow Warbler CB
Magnolia Warbler PB
Yellow-rumped Warbler CB
Cape May Warbler
Palm Warbler CB
Bay-breasted Warbler
Black-and-White Warbler PB
Blackpoll Warbler CB
Mourning Warbler
McGillivray's Warbler
Connecticut Warbler
Canada Warbler
Wilson's Warbler PB
Northern Waterthrush CB
Common Yellowthroat CB
American Redstart CB
Western Tanager V
American Tree Sparrow CB
Chipping Sparrow CB
Clay-colored Sparrow CB
Vesper Sparrow V
Savannah Sparrow CB
LeConte's Sparrow V
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
Fox Sparrow CB
Song Sparrow V
Lincoln's Sparrow CB
Swamp Sparrow CB
White-throated Sparrow PB
Golden-crowned Sparrow
Harris's Sparrow PB
White-crowned Sparrow CB
Dark-eyed Junco CB
Lapland Longspur PB
Smith's Longspur M
Snow Bunting M
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Red-winged Blackbird CB
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Rusty Blackbird CB
Brewer's Blackbird V
Common Grackle V
Brown-headed Cowbird PB
Gray-crowned Rosy Finch CB
Pine Grosbeak PB
Purple Finch V
Red Crossbill
White-winged CrossbillPB
Common Redpoll CB
Hoary Redpoll M
Pine Siskin
Evening Grosbeak V
House Sparrow
Additional Species Not on List
Bar-tailed godwit V
Lazuli Bunting V
Cinnamon Teal V
Ruby-throated Hummingbird V
Mallard / Northern pintail hybrid V
Mallard / Black duck hybrid V

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