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All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrievable system or transmitted in any format or by any means without prior written permission of the publisher, or in Canada in the case of photocopying or other reprographic copying a license from the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (CANOPY).

Printed in Canada

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

The Sahtu atlas / edited by James Auld, and Robert Kershaw ; compiled by Robert Kershaw ... [et al.].

ISBN 0-9737630-0-0

1. Sahtu Settlement Area (N.W.T.)--Maps. 2. Bearlake Indians--Land tenure--Northwest Territories--Sahtu Settlement Area- -Maps. I. Auld, James II. Kershaw, Robert III. Sahtu GIS Project.

G1183.S24S1 2005                      912.719'3                 C2005-901290-0

The Sahtu GIS Project acknowledges the financial support of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, Northwest Territories; Sahtu Renewable Resources Board and the Sahtu Land Use Planning Board.

Second Printing: September, 2005

Printed and bound in Canada by Friesens

Project Manager: James Auld, Sahtu GIS Project

Cartographer: James Auld

Designer: Robert Kershaw, Breaking Ground Communications Inc.

Managing Editor: Robert Kershaw

Assistant Editor/Researcher: Melonie Dyck

Assistant Editor/Researcher/Writer: Deborah Simmons

Project and Editorial Advisors: Miki Promislow, Alasdaire Vietch, Jody Snortland

Copy Editors - Andrea Paulos, David McNeill

Maps created by Sahtu GIS Project except Settlement Lands map obtained from DIAND, Legal Surveys Div.,NWT, 2000 Photographs from RWED archive and Robert Kershaw unless noted.

Stories from the following sources are reprinted by permission of the publishers:

Rakekée Gok’é Godi/Places We Take Care Of: Report of the Sahtu Places and Sites Joint Working Group.

Yellowknife, NT: Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, 2000.

Building A Vision for the Land: Report on Community Interviews. Fort Good Hope, NT: Sahtu Land Use Planning Board, 1999.

Sahtú Godé Dáhk’é/Sahtu Place of Stories. Norman Wells, NT: Mackenzie Valley Viewer, Sept 2000 Oct. 2002, Vol. 192-217

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